I never played any sport (unless patintero is counted as one) but I’ve always been surrounded by people who played competitive and exhibition sports.  And while they struggle for those elusive scores or beat the hell out of their opponents, I’m there cheering them on.  Wearing whatever  required color, memorizing the chants,  and waving those official banners.  Cheerleading at  its finest, baby!

Basketball is not new to me.  Okay, I may not know all the mechanics and not understand all the referee’s calls but I can always bug my seatmate to translate the jargons 🙂  When you regularly watched the inter-school UAAP as a student and  used to work for a company that has three basketball teams in the professional league, you somehow get educated on this.

Dear Hubby and I were privileged to have watched the Sinag Pilipinas team win the gold medal for the men’s basketball division here at the Jakarta SEA Games.   Though I’ve seen live basketball action before, I could still feel that this experience  was different.  We played against Thailand so the Thais cheered for their team and the Pinoys cheered for Sinag.  Nothing unusual.  What I was surprised about was the other nations watching AND cheering for team Philippines!   They were cheering for the right team alright, team Philippines did not disappoint.  Even our Indonesian friends are amazed at how Filipinos play basketball.  “They can actually dunk??!”  To which we just reply “What football is to you, that’s what basketball is to us Filipinos”.

The DUNK that never fails to elicit "ooohs" and "aaahhs" from the crowd. Hah! Warm-up pa lang yan!

The RP bench. Yes, that's THE coach Norman Black right there!

Look, South East Asia. This is how we do it!

The real thing!

And this is how WE do it! Upper right photo shows a big group of Filipino teachers based in Jakarta, lower right photo shows a group of Pinoy expats. And the one on the left is, well, the ultimate groupie.

The Thais came in well-prepared. Darn, I should've worn a "Singkil" costume!

But our boys were better prepared... we got the GOLD!

Not to be left behind are our Women's Basketball Team winning the SILVER!

It all didn’t end at the awarding ceremonies, little did I know that there were more surprises waiting for me that night…

CYNTHIA TIU, the Team Manager of the women's division who also happens to be our wedding sponsor was there!

My cousin ALBERT ROLLE who's also the rapist, err, Therapist (P.T.) of our men's basketball team was there too!

He was gracious enough to let me wear the gold medal for some photo-op. Thanks Abet!

WARNING: FAN GIRL MOMENTS ahead… You may skip if you want to 🙂

Girl power right there!

Asian special from Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia

This is Bobby Parks' little big boy, Bobby Ray. One of the highest pointers in the game and I think he's cute too! Parang Will Smith. Watch out for this boy...

Aaand who doesn't know NORMAN BLACK of San Miguel grand slam fame and the four-peat coach of the Ateneo. I refused to go home that night without shaking his hands, the photos were just a bonus. Once you go Black, you'll never go back!

It was indeed a glorious night not only for sports fans but for all Filipinos as well.  To quote my Twitter entry that night…

“Singing Lupang Hinirang in a foreign land with the Philippine flag raised above two other nations’… Surreal! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!”


12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. janisse david
    Nov 22, 2011 @ 15:25:15

    what a wonderful experience to share and nice pics too!!!


  2. Tim
    Nov 22, 2011 @ 18:55:36

    Wow! Wish I could’ve watched live. Very inspiring, especially that our players can dunk.


    • Amory
      Nov 22, 2011 @ 22:39:47

      Thanks very much for visiting this site Tim!
      Yes, watching our players gives you that “we’re the best in basketball” feeling… in SEA at least 🙂


  3. Ed Busalla
    Nov 22, 2011 @ 21:16:39

    Well written, Beng…Really nice to know that those from other nations were cheering for the Phil. team. Great, isn’t it? And the pictures.. with Coach Norma, Parks and others.. wow…Is your Ninang Cynthia related to basketer Cris Tiu? Happy that you and Jed took time out to see the game… But earlier I was worried that you two might be watching the football match between Malaysia and Indonesia…


    • Amory
      Nov 22, 2011 @ 22:51:32

      Hi Papa Ed!

      Not sure but Ninang’s husband could be related to Chris…
      We watched last year’s Suzuki Cup, the football match bet. Indo & our Azkals, and we promised ourselves not to do it again 🙂 Aside from the fact that we were outnumbered, we’ve personally seen how passionate they are with the sport that a stampede is always a looming possibility.


  4. MyMy
    Nov 22, 2011 @ 21:30:44

    Congratulations on your new post, Amory. Love the content and the photos. I mentioned you on mine, by the way: http://mylaupshaw.com/fascinations/blogging/a-vacation-from-myself

    I might be on vacation but I will remain to be your “stalker”, LOL!

    More power, GF!


    • Amory
      Nov 22, 2011 @ 22:56:59

      Hey there girlfriend!

      Thanks for the sweet words, they mean a lot to a newbie like moi 🙂 And thanks very much for the endorsement, OMG! I hope your readers would like it here 🙂 Enjoy your vacay!


  5. joilicious
    Nov 23, 2011 @ 11:35:38

    proud Pinay here. 🙂 thanks for this girlash!
    love your blogs. (sana ganyan din ako)


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