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I’ve always been a simple village dweller.  Having lived in my parents’ house in the city suburbs all my life, I remember growing up climbing the fruit bearing trees that my late father himself planted.  I remember picking Gumamela from my mom’s garden and pound them to make bubbles.  Even in the absence of the cellphone, all the neighborhood kids would promptly converge on the streets  every afternoon to play traditional Filipino games like patintero, shato, tumbang preso, taguan, agawan-base  and a lot more games rough enough to later on leave marks of this awesome childhood on my legs.   After the games that seemed like the Olympics for us, we would race on our bikes to get to the corner store and buy ice cold Sarsi.  This is the same neighborhood where I have been chased and bitten by  the Azkals (mongrels) long before they were named Phil, James, Anton and Neil.

My world made a complete turnaround when I, together with Dear Hubby and Little Boy, made the big move to an apartment building in Jakarta.  I’m one who embraces change and welcomes the unfamiliar so I’m thinking this could be good too.  Okay, let’s make a pros and cons list:


  1. Security.  If you’re not a tenant you can’t get inside any of the elevators without going through the guards. And even if you are one,  you’re allowed access only on your residence floor.  Celebrity Diva lang ang image and this social climber is enjoying it. 🙂
  2. Repair  & Maintenance.  I wouldn’t have to call those Tuberos whose idea of advertising means their names and numbers on tin plates plastered all over the Manila lampposts. A call at the front desk  is enough.
  3. 24-hour Running Water. Now THIS is definitely a pro for someone who used to live in a household  where running water  is only available on specific hours of the day. Though this experience has taught us a great deal of discipline and time management, I’m sure my mom won’t mind if I enjoy the long warm showers over here.
  4. Swimming Pool.  As a child, I only got to swim during summer outings and this would be in crowded resorts somewhere past the tollgate areas.  We never had one of those inflatables but my dad  improvised our laundry area such that it became our makeshift  “bathtub”.
  5. Gym.  I’m not really sure if this should be under “pro”…. Darn, no more excuses for not being fit!
  6. The View.  It’s not exactly the view of the alps but it’s a nice view of  the city nonetheless.  Neighbor-watching has been one of my favorite hobbies lately, this reminds me to get binoculars.
  7. Air-conditioned rooms.  This is surely an upgrade from our good old rickety bentilador (electric fan)  back home.   A welcome relief  for someone who spent her summers  mostly in front of the fridge.


  1. I can’t teach the Little Boy how to do an ober-da-bakod without breaking a bone.
  2. No more malunggay leaves from mom’s backyard to cook tinola with.
  3. Can’t ask from neighbors when I run out of kalamansi or asin.
  4. In case of a fire or an earthquake, getting out alive would be a challenge.

Well, I have already designed an exit plan for the last item so I refuse to worry about this.  Emergency cases happen whether you’re in a building or in a house anyway.

This move is quite a big change but as they say “Change is good”.  It doesn’t matter if  you live in a building or a bungalow, what’s important is you make good  memories in it and YOU DECIDE that it is the perfect place for you.

So, how about your place?

Home sweet home

The closest buildings from ours.... I really need to get to know my neighbors better... Binoculars, anyone?

*Sigh* No more askals (mongrels), no more street games...


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  1. joilicious
    Nov 27, 2011 @ 15:16:08

    hay… wish i had that “change” too. 🙂 parang nag hirap to live in a different country… alam mo na, dito yayain lang, inuman or may party si ano, go lang ng go. hihihihi but hats off ako sa yo kasi you have a bee-yoo-ti-ful family and i think it’s really worth it. 🙂


  2. Clariz
    Nov 27, 2011 @ 21:17:52

    In Jakarta, they also don’t have dahol ng sili for tinola 😦


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