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Just thought of writing a quick post from my sick bed since I am temporarily relieved of my mommy duties.  But as mentioned, this has to be a real quickie lest my world begins to spin again and I start to throw up all over my laptop.

I’ve always had a high tolerance from pain.  A whole cabinet of thermos and jars fell all over me when I was six, my right foot broke when it got stuck between concrete pavements when I was nine, dental procedures, menstrual cramps, one CS operation, and countless eyebrow threading (yes, this counts too :)) and I never complained.   Trust me to still get back on my feet in no time as if nothing happened.  BUT a  headache is my Achilles’ heel, my waterloo.  My BFF on times like this is a paracetamol from the Philippines called Biogesic. It’s safe to take even on an empty stomach so I pop two tablets at a time, take a little nap and I’d be fine.

But the last couple of days was unbelievable!  I ran out of Biogesic and the headache was even paired with vomiting therefore very little or no food intake at all.  And since this condition has deemed me useless, Dear Hubby has taken on the domestic diva duties.  Supervising the kitchen, preparing the Little Boy’s school snacks and his school uniforms, helping with the homework, etc.  And of course, providing me with some TLC through soothing massages at night.  Never mind if I haven’t had a decent shower in two days (I couldn’t get up, hello! *defensive*) and never mind if I smelled like wintergreen ointments, he still says he loves me.  Did I mention that he cleaned up that basinful of puke the whole time? Aaahh, true love!  I guess this is giving young couples, especially newlyweds,  a sneak preview of what marriage could be like.  As KC Concepcion aptly said it, “Hindi lahat nadadaan sa kilig.”  This is the very thing we actually signed up for, in sickness and in health.  Well, a little role-playing could work too, you know…

This sickness has caused blurred vision but I still managed to see my McDreamy... Thanks for the TLC, doctor!

He takes the other shift...


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jed
    Nov 30, 2011 @ 17:20:07

    aaawww.. so sweet =)

    You failed to mention that i also look like Clooney, though.


    • Amory Sotto-Busalla
      Nov 30, 2011 @ 17:27:02

      Hahaha!!! Of course you look exactly like George Clooney!
      Can you come home early tonight and give me some more of that massage? 🙂 Thanks Pappy!


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