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I read somewhere that to maintain a perfectly orderly house, we should treat it like we’re expecting visitors to arrive any minute.  Who would want to visit a chaotic and smelly house anyway?  I always have this fantasy of having a spanking clean and incredibly orderly home worthy of a center spread on Good Housekeeping or Real Living magazine… but God created children.  Children whose creative minds have to be nurtured and encouraged by parents like us.   And if that child is like this sweet child of mine who have parents like Dear Hubby and me, expect “creativity” all over the place!

There are times when I feel like a detective in CSI trying to determine the splatter pattern of sticky food on our floors, walls and ceilings (how does jelly get on the ceiling?!).  Couch pillows are overturned to create tunnels and bridges while curtains kept falling off the hook from too much ghost-playing.  It doesn’t surprise me anymore when I see Thomas the Train inside the freezer and Nigel the Cockatoo in the chiller.  It took a long while to convince the Little Boy that his dinosaurs could not sleep with us on the same bed.  When he learned how to write, he expressed some of his thoughts through signs that he’d stick to his bedroom door. Read:  “No Bath”.  Likewise, my imaginary guests will have to deal with the Little Boy coming home from school with glue on his hair, mud on his uniform and ink all over his body.  He’d kiss my “guest” as a sign of respect and he’d smell like sunshine.  Translation: amoy araw.  🙂

Managing a household is a tough job. It begins the moment you wake up and continues until everyone in the family is asleep.  What happens in between these two events require proper organizational skills and instilling discipline if everyone is to survive,  or if you still want that magazine feature 🙂

I say, LET THEM PLAY.  Kids today should be moving and exploring. A normal day for us can be a discovery moment for them.  This regular playtime that may mean nothing to us would be treasured memories for them which could be an oft-repeated story later on when they get old.  As mentioned, parents should nurture and encourage their kids’ creativity.  I have learned to deal with this creative clutter, our guests will have to do the same as we make happy memories in our home.

“Our house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy.” -Author Unknown

These babies are assigned a prime "hands off" spot in the house. The book should NOT be closed even at night and should be kept on the page where its owner left it.

Just a couple of signs you'll see around our house...

Goodbye, Clarins...

In this household, you'll never know who you're waking up next to.



As part of my continuous Balik-Alindog Program, I’m getting more serious about living and eating healthy this year.  Well, if I want to be looking and feeling Forever 31 then I should start right about now.  For everyone’s benefit, balik is the Tagalog word for return or bring back and alindog is our Tagalog counterpart for charm or allure.  In today’s language: HOT!  Okay, that’s far-fetched but I dream big hahaha… Besides, beauty and health go hand in hand and I’m starting with ze juice.

Dear Hubby and I started drinking apple-carrot-celery juice last year when I stumbled upon an article about its health benefits.  Uhm, I guess you gravitate towards these kinds of reading materials if you’re a few years closer to turning forty 🙂  Anyway, I made it one morning and was prepared not to like the taste at all.  But lo and behold,  we never thought healthy could taste that good!  So let me share with you the very simple ingredients and procedure…

INGREDIENTS:  It’s called Apple-Carrot-Celery Juice for a reason, hehe!

The stars of the show

NOTE:  You may use red or Fuji apples.  I just preferred green because they say it’s healthier, but it’s more sour though.

Then, chop away…

Then, let’s Rock n’ Roll…

Use a blender or a juicer. Add WATER and SUGAR according to your liking.

Then, ENJOY!

Cheers to a HEALTHIER 2012!!!

According to, we can enjoy the following health benefits from this juice:

DISEASE PREVENTION.  Coronary heart disease, stroke and cancer have all been associated with deficiencies of vitamin C found in apples.  The high volume of antioxidants in vitamin C gives momentum to the regeneration of disease-fighting capabilities of other antioxidants, including vitamin E.

VITAMIN A.  Apple, carrot and celery juice can contribute to the overall health of your eyes, skin and body tissues due to an abundance of vitamin A.

BONE HEALTH.  The combined efforts of celery and carrots offer a magnified approach to bone health. The “Natural Medicine Journal” says that insufficient amounts of vitamin K have been shown to increase the risk of hip fractures in elderly men and women.”

Hello World!

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Hello, I’m back from a three-week holiday from Manila, Philippines.  Translation: I haven’t been blogging for the past three weeks.

Our recent Manila vacation was packed with the Christmas rush, holiday traffic, last-minute shopping, reunions, get-together dinners, etc.  The schedule was crazy fun that I never found time to even write a single post on this blog… Well, it didn’t help that we had erratic internet signal and a very low battery life for the camera as well (we left the charger in Jakarta 🙂 ).  I guess that’s the universe’s way of telling me to just have FUN, enjoy the company of my loved ones, and just document these wonderful moments from the heart… teeheee!

And what great fun it was!  I couldn’t believe I was actually having lengthy adult conversations, laughing so I hard ’til my ribs hurt, getting a haircut-mani-pedi package without worrying how much it’ll cost me, and best of all, satisfying our pork (and Pinoy food) cravings! 🙂

I shall be sharing some of our Manila adventures here.  Meanwhile, I’d like to thank our family and friends back in Manila for scheduling the meet-ups despite their equally crazy holiday schedule.  ‘Twas great to once again see friends from the neighborhood, school and work.

Now that the fam is back in our second home,  this means my laptop is once again my bestfriend *sigh*.  Brighter side:  I now have more free time to write and update this blog.  But before that, please excuse me as I organize my cupboard with my Manila loots… 🙂

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