He didn’t want a big party in a fancy playground and a customized character cake, just a simple snack spread for his classmates during their break time in school and a small cake of his choice.  We didn’t have a party for him but I really wanted this day to be extra special.  I remember  flying back to Manila from a business trip on the morning of his third birthday.  Sang the Happy Birthday song with my mom and his nanny (Dear Hubby was on a business trip too), watched him blow the candle (from a cake I hand-carried from Davao City) and drove off to the office for an emergency meeting leaving him home parentless on his birthday. That feeling sucked big time!

As mentioned in my earlier entries, my career back in Manila officially made me a weekend mom. I gave birth to him six years ago but it’s only recently  when we moved to Jakarta that I have gotten to know him more.  This boy never ceases to amaze me. My brand name generation skills are put to test when he makes me “baptize” all his toys, Steven Seagull and Froggy Aguilar were among them. When he learned in school that living things “grow old and die”, he came to me and practically begged me not to grow old and die.  I assured him that mommy will be young forever, hello my anti-aging regimen!  Thanks to Whitney Houston, the other morning he said “I will always love you, Mommy.” I made him promise to say it even until he’s taller than me.  He said “yes” to that but I couldn’t stop him from saying that I’m a “horrible singer”!  Like any mother-son relationship, ours is not perfect as we go through the love-hate cycle over and over.   One minute I’m his Princess Mommy, the next minute he’d call me the wicked witch.  There are times when he’d give you a run for your sanity and wonder if he’s really your own offspring, and there are times  he’s the dearest sweetest boy on the planet.

I may have missed out on this boy’s early years but  I am forever grateful that I was given choices and I chose the right ones. Working from home is a challenge. But seeing this little boy grow up right before my very eyes  with our little milestones and having the time to document them… priceless.  Thank you God.

I chanced upon this great TV commercial which I instantly related to and hit me spot on!  Watching this, I swear I saw myself and the Little Boy in our own dining room… only I look more fab, hehe :).

*Thanks to my colleagues at San Miguel Foods, Inc. for the video


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