It couldn’t have happened at a better time, it was Little Boy’s term break and Dear Hubby suddenly had to attend meetings in Hong Kong.  So when I was asked if I wanted to tag along, I said… I’ll think about it… I mean, my wardrobe.  I’ll think about my wardrobe.  You can’t say no to this chance, can you?


They say “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.”  So my real adventure began during my preparation for this vacation. Learning about this trip 6 days before departure date is quite a challenge if you’re packing for a family, which is like packing for a whole army.  Wait, do they even worry about how many shirts to bring in the army? 🙂 Anyway, what I’m saying is, I only had a few days to complete my mommy travel checklist: vitamins, medicines, camera charger, plug adaptor, the favorite teddy bear, toiletries, etc.  Someone’s gotta think of and prepare all these things you know.

Being the obsessive compulsive (OC) traveler that I am, I Googled the weather forecast  in HK for the duration of our stay and it said “generally foggy… average of 15-20 degrees Celsius”.  To someone who’s from the Philippines and  currently lives in Indonesia, this is COLD. And save for some scarves and light sweaters, I hardly have clothes for this kind of weather.  This means I have to avert this  wardrobe emergency in six days! Dear Hubby couldn’t quite dig the concept of mixing and matching, layering, etc. thus the need for a little shopping before leaving (hey, I gotta buy my Little Boy some cold weather clothes too hehe).  I’m only bringing two pairs of shoes: my ultra comfy black ballet flats and my ever reliable and versatile Chucks.  In hindsight, this fashion situation could be the universe’s way of telling me “Hey girl, you don’t have a beach-ready bod so Imma take you where you can wrap up!”.  I’ll take that 🙂  Besides, it saved me some pedicure time and money as well 🙂

These shoes are made for walking!


The empty Changi Airport in Singapore at 4:00AM

Dear Hubby was supposed to fly via Cathay Pacific with his colleagues but since he was taking me and Little Boy with him and the company would only pay for his airfare, he took a budget flight via Jetstar with us.  What would have been a comfortable 5-hour straight flight for him became a 7-hour trip with layover and NO MEALS.  Ooh, what we do for love! 🙂

Friday Night.  We took the 10:00PM flight because that 7-hour trip was the shortest among the flight schedules they had, we were supposed to arrive in Hong Kong around 6:00AM.  We were thinking that maybe Little Boy will just sleep and get rested during the entire flight.  We were wrong.  The flight was delayed for FOUR HOURS and there weren’t even any announcements of the delay.  We boarded at 2:00AM,  arrived in Singapore at 4AM then boarded another plane to HK at 6AM.  The stress and fatigue made the Little Boy very sick the entire time that I had to change his soiled clothes twice. It didn’t help that he had a cold that time.


The Airport Express, our ride from the HK airport to the Central Station of the MTR.

Saturday Morning.  When we finally reached the HK airport, we found out that our stroller wasn’t loaded on the plane.  Imagine another waiting time for desperately waiting for it on the conveyor and hopping from one desk to another asking for assistance.  Missing baggage was eventually declared. Off we went to our hotel… with me taking care of our suitcases and Dear Hubby lugging our sick Little Boy.

The hotel staff were saying it had been raining the past few days and today that the sky is clear is a perfect day for strolling.  No, thank you.  We stayed in our hotel room and nursed Little Boy’s high fever until the next morning.


Sunday Morning. Who would have imagined that our first destination on this trip would be the doctor’s clinic?  Miraculously, Little Boy’s fever went away but still had some heavy coughing and was just given some medicines.  This little trooper declared that he’s up for some good time so this vacay has officially begun! Let’s gerrrit ooohhhnn! 🙂

Taken right after we went to see the doctor. The fun vacation begins!

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  1. Honey Dawn Borja Ducut
    Mar 25, 2012 @ 16:00:32

    lovely adventure! stay inspired! continue sharing the wonderful stories. 🙂


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