When Dear Hubby told me that Little Boy and I were going with him to Hong Kong, my heart skipped a beat.  I swear I saw these words actually flash in my head: Disneyland, Mickey Mouse, Snow White, balloons, fireworks, Disneyland, Mickey Mouse, Snow White…. I think I was about six when I started daydreaming about one day seeing them and playing with them but eventually tucked them in my memory as I got busy with school and later on work, then much later on, marriage and family.  I can’t believe that this fantasy was finally coming true now that I have a six year old child of my own!

It was a Monday (less tourists) and the temperature was at cool 17 degrees, a perfect day to visit Disneyland! Oohhh you wouldn’t guess how excited  I had been, I went to the toilet twice that morning.  Whoops, sorry… too much info :).  Forgive me, I just couldn’t believe I was finally here.

Proud of these Pinoy performers in Disney!

We had lunch at  Corner Cafe at the Main Street where Little Boy had a little scolding for being naughty.  Hence, the drama shots below.

But all’s well that ends well.  Tuloy ang ligaya (the fun continues)!  Off we went to HK Disneyland’s newest attraction which they say is the first of its kind among Disney parks worldwide, the TOY STORY LAND.  Prior to this trip, Little Boy did a marathon of the movies (yes, all 3 parts) so he knew all the characters in Toy Story.  It was just amazing to see the giant toys all around us making us feel like dwarfs.  I’m not much of a rider, just a strolling and hanging out kind of girl (in short, pang photo-op lang haha!) so it was just Dear Hubby and Little Boy who sampled the Slinky Dog ride.


One must not miss the 3PM parade when in HK Disneyland.  This is where you see all of them: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, Lilo & Stitch, Lion King, Winnie the Pooh, the Disney Princesses, Woody, Buzz Lightyear… almost all of them are here.

Now this was the part where I zoned out and all my memories as a kid just came back.  This was also the part where I first (that means there’s a second time :)) got teary eyed.  Maybe I was too overwhelmed seeing all these characters live and in person! Well, I know they’re mascots but hey, I used to just see them on Betamax and VHS (kids, just Google them to know what they are) and now they’re right before my very eyes.  The highlight of this parade for me was when Woody shook my hand… it felt like touching a rockstar!  The last time I shrieked that hard was during the Eraserheads reunion concert. Dear Hubby was totally weirded out :).


We all know the song, right?  The kid in me just couldn’t stop singing the entire time that we were in this “world tour”.  I excitedly named the countries the dolls were representing as if I was in a contest.  When we entered the Asian continent, I suddenly heard something familiar “Kay liit lang ng mundo, kay liit lang ng mundo…” to the tune of It’s A Small World! And in that little corner were two Disney dolls in a bahay kubo wearing baro at saya with a tarsier by their window!  I just didn’t expect it, I’ve never felt so proud!

More stories and photos of our Disney adventure on my next post.  Thanks for dropping by, see you soon!

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