The Jakarta women’s hairdo has influenced me to daydream about curls.  Big wavy curls.  Most women here have either the Imelda Marcos up do (yes, the one that destroys the ozone layer due to excessive use of hair spray) or the long and wavy I-look-fabulous hairstyle.  I was partial to the latter so I had it all planned out:

Step 1.  No haircuts, grow them longYou know that Filipino myth that if you want your hair to grow fast, you have to brush it 100 times in a day? I did that!

Step 2.  Window shop and save up for the perfect ceramic hair iron/curler.  Yes, this is a big project that requires an “investment” hence, the cost analysis.

Step 3.  Practice on Velcro rolling curlers.  Basically a test run before the real deal.  Little Boy gets totally weirded out and thinks his mom wears big batteries on her head.

This trial stage yielded good results I couldn’t wait to grow my hair much longer and rock those curls.  I could already see myself looking like this…

Okay, let me re-phrase that: I could already see MY HAIR looking like this.

Step 4.  Layer it.  For that desired  fabulous wavy finish, I figured  I should adjust my hair from one-length to layered. 

Now this is where my dreams started crumbling down.

I came to this salon armed with a photo reference just in case they wouldn’t understand my Bahasa Indonesia, pointed at my shoulders to show up to where they should TRIM.  The hairdresser even took out a magazine and showed another reference, “Yes, just like that” I said.

Then he snipped a portion of my hair up to my chin! Oh, that might be the shortest of the layer. The rest would be up to the shoulders.  Then he cut everything, the length was just below my ears!  I just wanted a trim.  A TRIM! At this point I knew it would be useless to argue with him.  He didn’t understand me when I had a simple message, he still wouldn’t  understand me now that there are  more things I wanted to say.  Besides, what’s done is done.  I just formulated a back-up plan as I waited for him to finish  blow drying:  Go to another salon and have this fixed!!! That’s it, there’s still hope. Meantime, I had to pick up Little Boy from school donning my Amelie look.

I love Audrey Tautou but this hairstyle just doesn’t work for me.

Okay, the hair is much shorter now and the only possible solution is the pixie cut.  Can you believe that?! Oh well, at least it’s still stylish and now easier to manage.  Saves me some shampoo and conditioner too.  It surprised some people (believe me, even I was in denial) but I’ve gotten a few compliments for it so I’m beginning to dig it.  My curly-wavy dreams are temporarily put on hold until I grow my hair back again.

How about you, do you like your hair long or short?

Goodbye, curly-wavy dreams! Maybe next time…



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WARNING: As the title suggests, this post might have contents that may challenge your senses. 🙂

I’ve been remiss in my blog updates because, as some of you may have heard, Little Boy caught Rotavirus which caused his Stomach Flu or Gastroenteritis .  It started happening one morning when he woke up (unusually early, that is) and announced he had pooped on his pajamas.  Thinking it was just an “accident”, I cleaned up the mess, gave him a shower and prepped him for school.  And as we were about to leave for school, the “accident” happened again, this time he started throwing up too.  This is not good, we have to see his doctor. Thank goodness for leftover disposable diapers from 2 years ago  and stocked discomfort bags in the car (sometimes it pays to be a pack rat :)), we survived that 30-minute ride from our apartment to the clinic.

Anyone who has heard of Stomach Flu or Gastroenteritis would know that this is a major poop and puke alert.  And poor Little Boy, who threw up even the anti-vomiting medicines, had to be admitted to the hospital and dextrosed – food and meds had to be administered through I.V.  to avoid dehydration.  It’s heartbreaking for any mother to see her child throw up on that basin like he was possessed, or groan in anguish on his 7th diarrhea episode just for the afternoon, or cry in pain from all the shots.  I could only give my tender lovin’ care (TLC) and channel my inner Mother Teresa and Florence Nightingale on the times  when I would have him lean on my chest, touch his forehead and murmur soft comforts. Don’t worry baby, you’re going to be well soon.  And when I would have to wipe the edge of the toilet when he wouldn’t make it and assure him that I wasn’t mad for the mess.  It’s alright hunny, it’s not your fault.  And when I had to keep an encouraging front as his weight dropped a pound each day and he became skinnier and skinnier. Oh your appetite will come back and you’ll be healthy again.   Aaaand most of all, when I had to open that soiled diaper to collect (watery) stool sample for lab test– this last one, my dear friends,  could be the ultimate test of a mother’s love for her child. Of course this is an exaggeration but the clearer message is: Oh you kids out there, love your mothers!

The good news is that, while uncomfortable (and let’s face it, gross) in most kids, a stomach bug is not a serious illness and will resolve on its own after re-hydration efforts and TLC.  Re-hydration: check.  TLC: double check.  He’s now back to school and back to his regular activities, that means I’m back on the grind too :).   I join every parent’s prayer on trying moments like this: Please let me have my child’s illness so he won’t have to suffer.  And to even add to that: … and the weight loss too.  Oh let me have it. Please, God! 🙂

Catch you again soon… Stay healthy and safe, everyone!

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