GOT HOOKED: Desperate Housewives

I refrained from illegal online downloading and buying the DVDs of three TV series (Revenge, Desperate Housewives and Mad Men)  because aside from thinking that it’s my own contribution to world peace (!), I also enjoyed the torture of being left hanging and waiting for what to happen next.  So I officially blame television for my long hiatus from blogging.  It has recently  “robbed” me of my blogging time so that pretty much took up all of my weeknights. On weekends? I catch up on missed episodes haha :).  Before Desperate Housewives’ finale, it aired on the same Wednesday timeslot with Mad Men, probably one of the most difficult situations I was faced with! 🙂  So this is what sort of made up my little world lately…


I’ve been an avid viewer of this series since 2004, back when I wasn’t a housewife yet and not one bit desperate but was already residing in Fairview (sa Quezon City nga lang 🙂 ).  The genius combo of comedy-drama-mystery plus excellently written script just appealed to me.  Heck, Dear Hubby got addicted to it too!  Just like how he enjoyed watching the movie/series  “Sex & The City” with me, he liked watching DH as well.  According to him, these two programs have helped him understand women better.  And rightly so, there is a bit of a Desperate Housewife within us.  Here they are and see if you can relate with them.


Played by Marcia Cross, Bree Van de Kamp is the perfectionist homemaker and was once the wife and mother every other woman dreamed of being.  On some levels, I totally get her being OC (obsessive-compulsive) around her home!  I want my  toilet papers arranged in a specific way, throw pillows placed zippers down, etc. But sadly, I can never even come close to her talent in the kitchen, sigh!  Well, I may not be baking muffins when I’m upset and won’t go polishing my silver ware when I’m rattled but Bree has inspired me to still look polished and well-dressed even when at home.  Shameless confession:  I once did my laundry wearing my pearls… and clothes. I was wearing clothes too 🙂

Pearls with apron!

images courtesy of


Played by Eva Longoria, Gaby was a former top-model turned trophy wife. She was a woman who gave up on her lavish life in NYC to move to the suburbs in Fairview and adjust to a quieter, more settled lifestyle.  The most kikay in the bunch and one of my favorite housewives in this series, Gaby showed us that a stay-at-home mom can still look fab. When I became a housewife myself, I subconsciously channeled my inner Gabrielle Solis.  I would wear my nice clothes when I bring Little Boy to school,  carry a cute purse when grocery shopping, made sure that I had  lipgloss even when buying bread and eggs from the nearby mini-mart.  No, I’m not having an affair with a gardener but Gaby and I both drive our husbands nuts.

“You are lucky you got a kidney transplant. And if you take anymore of my money, you’re going to need a face transplant.”

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of


Played by Teri Hatcher, Susan Delfino (nee Mayer) is the hopeless romantic and the nicest among the housewives. Her character is funny bordering on kooky.  Susan “humanized” the housewife image by showing that not all of us can make great tasting meals and we can sometimes be clumsy  mothers too.  But what she lacks in homemaking skills she makes up by boundlessly loving and caring for the people around her.  She also exhibits strength of character having survived a divorce, financial crisis, separation and a lot more misfortunes.  Ironically, this character that gave me the most laughter also made me cry the most in the season finale.

“Bree’s kept me company all day. Is she a saint or what?”

“I love you once, I love you twice. I love you more than beans and rice.” -Mike Delfino


Felicity Huffman who played as Lynette Scavo is hands down the best actor in this series! Hers is my most favorite character and the one I can most relate to.  Here’s why…

“She used to see herself as a career woman.  And a hugely successful one at that.  She was known for her power lunches, eye-catching presentations and her ruthlessness in wiping out the competition.  Lynette gave up her career to assume a new label:  the incredibly satisfying role of full-time mother.”
-Mary Alice Young

“I have four kids under the age of six. I absolutely have anger management issues.”

“Today I have a chance to join the human race for a few hours – there are actual adults waiting for me with margaritas. Look, I’m in a dress, I have make-up on.”

Goodbye, ladies… Thank you for the eight wonderful seasons!!!

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