Finally!  After 16 nominations (with only 2 wins), Meryl Streep got her 3rd Oscar award on her 17th try.  Her first after 30 years!  Please excuse the fan girl in me, you’ll be reading a lot of gushing on this post.

I started liking her in the late 1980’s when our Christian Living teacher made us watch “Kramer vs. Kramer” to later on submit a reaction paper on the topic “divorce”.   She was just sooo pretty! The eyes, the cheekbones, those nice set of teeth.  Her appearance on that film was probably just about 20% of the entire movie but it made such an impact that it earned her an Academy nomination. I swear  I would have gotten a very high grade if I wrote about HER on that paper 🙂

Then I started renting VHS tapes (kids, ask your parents what they are) of her movies.  I can’t remember anymore how “The Deer Hunter”  went but I can still clearly recall how gorgeous she was.

I was deeply moved and touched in “Out of Africa”…

Laughed at “Death Becomes Her” in her hilarious role as a has-been and aging movie star obsessed to look young again…

Then when I was old enough to enter the movie house, I caught “The Bridges of Madison County” and was just impressed in her performance as a lonely housewife longing for her own happiness.  She lost to Susan Sarandon in the 1995 Oscar’s for “Dead Man Walking”.  Tough competition there.  This photo by the way, was my favorite scene in the film. No words, just pure acting talent.

I was already working when “The Devil Wears Prada” was shown and I remember praying fervently to God not to give me this kind of boss.  I should’ve been more specific because the kind of “devil” that I met wore CHANEL.

I’ve seen a lot more of her movies, some were remarkable and some were just forgettable. I have yet to see the “Iron Lady” but I would like to thank the Academy (naks, feeling!) for finally allowing Meryl Streep to go back to that stage and accept her long overdue award.  She holds the record in the Oscar’s for the most number of nominations (17) but also holds the record for the most number of losses.  Can you imagine how I screamed when her name was announced as winner?! I was just a mere grade schooler when this woman last received an Oscar!  I waited with her so her victory is also mine… What an ultimate fan girl statement, huh! 🙂

Going back to “Kramer vs. Kramer”, my perspective about this film has changed now that I am a mother myself.  I viewed this film recently and unlike when I first saw it 25 years ago, it surprisingly brought tears to my eyes (and Dear Hubby’s too!).  I still found Meryl Streep gorgeous but more than that, it made me realize that no matter how challenging a task motherhood is, YOU NEVER WALK OUT.  Especially if you have a husband like mine who makes mean French Toasts which your Little Boy absolutely loves :).  Thanks for this lesson, Meryl!


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