I’ve been busy lately that’s why I’ve been remiss from sprucing up our house with Christmas décor.  Last week, I finally had the time to bring out the  dusted décor box  and prepared myself  for the Martha Stewart task.  I excitedly ran down the drill on my mind:  set up the tree,  put on the lights, then the ornaments, then the star.   Easy peasy.

I recalled fond memories as I was taking the parts of our one year-old Christmas tree out from its box.  We got the tree last year along with a complete set of bling  as we were to spend our first Christmas season here in Indonesia.  You see, we used to live in  my mom’s house in Manila so the tree and the ornaments in that house were hers.  This one is something we can call our very own.  It was so special to us that we documented every step as we decorated our very first family Christmas tree in our very own (well, rented) home.

My sweet flashback went to a halt when I noticed that there’s a missing part on this tree.  A very important part.  You know that part on the tree base where you insert all the branches into?  It’s NOT IN THE BOX.  Imagine a tree with its upper portion intact  and just a metal pole on its lower portion.  See Exhibit-A for reference.   Apparently,  our  previous helper took care of dismantling and re-packing the tree while I took care of re-packing and labeling the decor last year.  I never noticed that there was a missing part.  And since she’s no longer with us, there’s no way to find out where it has gone :(.

Exhibit-A: Ooohh Christmas Tree…

My stint in the Marketing field trained me to solve ANY crisis.  I was wired to make things happen.  So even when Dear Hubby decided that it’s already useless and just put everything back to the closet, I gave myself a couple of more days until I avert this Christmas tree crisis.  Okay,  I never had any home decorating experience but I watched a lot of Lifestyle Network, Urban Zone and Special Agent Oso so I think I can rock this.

The apartment owner has two home pieces that we never used.  A bronze bowl of sort that’s filled with dried cut flowers and potpourri.  It never served its air freshening purpose but it succeeded in collecting dust.  Another one is a glass vase with plastic flowers.  No offense but, except for Christmas ornaments, Dear Hubby and I were never fans of  artificial plants.  See Exhibit-B.

Exhibit-B: The potpourri bowl that we hide in a dark corner shelf and the artificial flowers that we place on top of the fridge.

A little mixin’ and matchin’ did the trick.  Our home now has a more Christmasy atmosphere! I was happy with the outcome and Dear Hubby was impressed.  As they say, the show must go on and our home is all glammed up for the holidays.  I’m taking back the Martha Stewart influence, Gwyneth Paltrow is more like it! 🙂  By the way, I’d appreciate suggestions as to how I can recycle our poor tree.   Enjoy the holidays everyone!!!

In lieu of the nativity (no Baby Jesus here in Indo) I'm making do with this. I know someone is out of place but Humpty Dumpty is better than the dinosaur my Little Boy previously wanted.

Probably the BIGGEST CHALLENGE in Santa's gift-giving career!


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