ROASTED HERB CHICKEN: A Culinary-Idiot Friendly Recipe

It sounds gourmet-ish, doesn’t it? Roasted Herb Chicken… sounds pretty difficult to make too.  I wanted to impress Dear Hubby with my, well, “culinary skills”.  Yes, albeit limited, I have a few skills  in the kitchen.  Somehow I have managed to serve my boys edible meals without any of them getting choked or something.

It’s Father’s Day and this lunch has got to be special… AND easy to make! A very important factor there.

To all you wives and mothers with the same level of kitchen talents as I do, let me share with you this recipe that saved my day.  I got the basic idea from the internet but I tweaked it a bit to suit my taste.  I was quite a bit apprehensive as it requires to use an oven to do the roasting. Whoah, why don’t I just make fried chicken?!

It turned out to be so easy you only have to put everything in a dish and place it inside the oven. Roasting is close to the maximum level of complexity that I’m okay with, there are only THREE (3) easy steps to remember.

Let me assure you:  If I can do it, ANYBODY can do it too. That’s how easy it is 🙂   Checkirawt!


Step 1:  Marinate the Chicken Breasts OVERNIGHT with the following:

Calamansi or Lemon Juice
Soy sauce
Rosemary (preferably fresh but dried will do)
Thyme (preferably fresh but dried will do)
Salt & Pepper
*I have to emphasize that it has to be marinated overnight so the flavor seeps through.

Step 2: Get Ready To Rumble

Assemble the following on a baking dish:
Marinated Chicken
Baby Potatoes: properly washed, halved
Onions, halved
Garlic, halved
* Drizzle with olive oil
* Sprinkle with salt, pepper, dried rosemary and thyme (if you don’t have fresh ones)

Step 3:  Roast Away

– Place the baking dish in a pre-heated oven
– Leave for 15-20 minutes or until chicken gets fully cooked
– Baste the chicken with melted butter from time to time
– Top with fresh chopped Basil leaves before serving



In 1980, John Lennon composed and recorded the song “Beautiful Boy” for his and Yoko Ono’s son, Sean.  It begins with John comforting his son from what is seemingly a nightmare and progresses into John passionately describing the love he has for his son and the joy Sean gave him.

I like men who are not ashamed to show their love for their kids.  Dear Hubby is head over heels with the  Little Boy and relatively, the Little Boy is crazy in love with him.  They have an amazing connection, a love affair!  The kind that makes them forget that I’m in the room every time they’re together.  Nope, I was never jealous.  This special bond between them gave me more sleeping hours when as a baby, Little Boy would wake up in the wee hours asking his Papa for milk  :).    Their common interest in rough play has also saved me from some wounds and bruises.

On this special day I’d like to pay tribute to my son’s father, Dear Hubby, who has unselfish and re-assuring love for our son and this family.  Happy Father’s Day, Pappy, and to all the great fathers out there!

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