Mommy duties have pretty much kept me from joining members of the  human race for some chit chat and updating The Domestic Diva Diaries.  I have been preoccupied with housework these past few months and the Little Boy has just started attending the big school (primary level).

Primary school starts at an earlier time than in Kindergarten and is located much farther from our place.  This means waking up much earlier to prepare breakfast, school snacks and lunch then head out to bring Little Boy to school and brave the infamous Jakarta traffic – the very same awful traffic that I encounter during school pick up in the afternoon.  With the exception of the twice-a-week visit from the cleaning lady, I’m rockin’ the whole cleaning, washing and scrubbing gig.

We finally got a full-time all-around helper last week, my angel!  Although we’re aware that this would just be temporary as maids in Jakarta have a standard “shelf life” of three months based on our experience (this would be another story), we are bent on enjoying its benefits.  I’ve finally had a loooong uninterrupted shower, went to the salon and booked a home massage.  Dear Hubby and I have attended dinner gatherings and a movie date (yes!) in the past week.  It was refreshing for me to be in the company of adults having adult conversations once again!

With last week’s arrival of the new help and Little Boy’s term break this week, they signal the start of squeezing in some “me” time re-connecting with friends,   updating blog entries and going back to the gym.  I’m not exactly taking my hands off from keeping my house and I would still personally attend to Little Boy and Dear Hubby’s needs but I gotta hang up this apron for now and get my nails done.

My “tools of the trade” which I have relinquished to my new angel


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